We’ve all heard it said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, so you want to keep your crown sparkling and shiny, attracting the right kind of attention.

Why hair type is (and isn’t) important.

We’ve all seen hair shampoo ads featuring models with fabulous hair and wondered why ours can never look as good. The truth is that we have different hair types, some long and bouncy, some short and kinky, others thin and stringy. It makes no difference what kind of miracle product you use, some people will never have long, sleek, bouncy hair. I know that from battling with my own hair for many years. The good news is, however, that regardless of your hair type you can have healthy, beautiful hair by establishing a good haircare routine.

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Add these to your routine for healthy, beautiful hair.

Go natural as much as possible. It isn’t necessary to always have your hair done up to the nines. Give it a rest sometimes, especially on the weekends when you’re chilling at home. Allow it to hang loose and free, lay off the curling iron and other heated products, and let it breathe.

  • If your hair is processed, take a break occasionally. Chemicals can cause serious damage to the hair over time, so it is necessary to allow your hair to rest. With so many options available today, no one has any excuse for not looking good from head to toe, even without the benefit of a perm.
  • Avoid tight headbands and ponytails, anything which pulls the hair back too tightly, as the hairline will gradually thin out and you might even develop bald patches. This has been my own personal battleground, because catching my hair back with a clip or some other device is often convenient, but inevitably my hairline starts to fade and so I am forced to stop (for awhile at least).
  • Don’t shampoo too often as this will dry out the hair’s natural moisture, causing it to break easily. Once or twice per week is generally enough for the average person. Be sure to avoid scalding hot water, which also dries out the hair and skin and causes colours to fade faster. Lukewarm water is ideal, with an #organicshampoo suitable for your hair type and needs.
  • Curling irons and blow dryers can do enormous damage because of the high heat concentration being applied. Use cooler settings whenever possible, even though it might take longer, and do not concentrate on one spot for too long. Keep it moving, and be sure to use a protective spray before using the curling iron.
  • Deep-condition your hair (#leaveinconditioner) every week to keep it properly hydrated. This can work wonders for your hair. Here’s my recommendation for healthy, natural conditioning.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Protein and iron are two essential ingredients for healthy hair, but the body sends these to the more vital organs first, such as the heart and liver, so if you’re not taking in enough then your hair follicles might suffer. Thankfully, there are now hair supplements available in many pharmacies and health food stores, so it might be wise to stock up.

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