For most men, staying healthy is all about fitness and eating right, and men parade their six-pack like a badge of honour for maleness. Going to the gym, playing football and basketball with the guys and generally working up a sweat is important in creating the correct image, along with taking the right supplements to ensure that the body stays in top form. Skincare is, unfortunately, considered a woman’s domain since it is usually linked with the word ‘beauty’. But, believe it or not, men need skincare just as women do, to protect your largest organ against harmful UV radiation, germs and bacteria, filter out toxins and keep the body temperature properly regulated. The same reasons women need proper skincare.

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For too long the idea of men’s skincare has been limited to getting clean using really strong and overpowering, (in other words, MANLY) products. Shaving creams, deodorants and lotions are packaged to appeal to the alpha male, which unfortunately means they are packed with fragrances, alcohol and sulphates that irritate the skin and strip away the natural oils. Many men have come to expect acne, rashes, sores and wrinkles as par for the course, not realizing there are better, healthier alternatives which can do the job even more effectively but without the irritating side-effects. The idea of skincare conjures images of flowery fragrances and feminine packaging which the average man doesn’t want to have lining his bathroom counter (unless it belongs to his wife).

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GUYS, IT’S YOUR TIME!As gender biases have become an issue in our modern society, the stereotypical image of what a man should look like and how he should behave has become more blurred. In the same breath the myth of skincare being a woman’s domain has been debunked, as more men are waking up to the reality that looking good is not just about having a muscular body and dressing fashionably. Many men have woken up to the reality that taking care of their skin is just as important, and that it’s not a woman’s domain. Most cosmetic companies have risen to the challenge and created men’s skincare products to satisfy this growing market. But as with women’s products, organic skincare is by far the best and healthiest form of skin health, providing the benefits and goodness of nature but without the negative side-effects. Men can now smell as manly as they desire, and shave as often as they like safe in the knowledge that their skin is protected from breakouts. Below are some of our top picks for men’s organic skincare.

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