Upon visiting the doctor, his or her first task before deciding on the type of care you need is to assess you, then examine you to determine the problem before settling on a course of treatment. Without following the correct procedures, diagnosis will be incorrect and the medication prescribed will be ineffective. The same principle applies to the face. Before purchasing any face products, you should first determine your skin type. Is it oily, dry, or a combination? Purchasing products suitable for normal skin when yours has a tendency towards oiliness will be ineffective, as the ingredients needed to treat or at least tone down the oil levels in your skin will be absent. So think about it – what is your skin type?

Whatever your skin type, thorough and regular cleansing is essential to allow it to breathe. Neglecting this basic skincare technique will result in problems such as loss of radiance and glow. It is also important to use a soft washcloth in order to remove all dirt and other particles. If you are doubtful about using commercial products, your kitchen is the best source for natural, everyday ingredients, nature’s best gift for skincare. Whatever your skin type, there’s a natural cleanser for you. Don’t be misled into believing you have to buy expensive brand-name products in order to have beautiful skin. The sad fact is, many of those commercial products are packed with harmful chemicals that actually damage your skin, causing you to switch from one product to another in a never-ending quest for the perfect solution, and wasting a ton of money in the bargain. Starting today, why not try one provided by Mother Nature? Much cheaper, gentle on your skin, and often far more effective than anything from a bottle or jar. Of course, sometimes convenience requires using already done products, and we have selected from among the best to ensure your skin gets the very best organic porducts available on the market.

If your skin is a combination of oily and normal, mashed papaya mixed with oatmeal and a small amount of milk can work wonders. Scrub the mixture all over the face and neck, leave on for a few minutes, then wash off. Since papaya possesses powerful cleansing enzymes, not only will your skin receive a thorough cleansing, but tan, dark patches will also be reduced, and natural alpha hydroxy acids will be added to the skin. A preferred favourite for natural skincare, tomatoes not only cleanse and invigorate the skin; they also tighten open pores for a more supple, radiant look. Simply rub cold tomato halves into the skin, then rinse. Do you have dry skin and need to clean make-up or dirt and grime from your pores? Then try this mixture – 10 teaspoons almond oil, 10 teaspoons olive oil and juice of half a lemon. Combine these and store in a jar. For oily to combination skin, mashed strawberries is a popular choice. The natural enzymes abundant in this fruit are extremely good for the skin. Simply mash three to four strawberries, then rub this into the skin. Leave on for 5 minutes then wash off. Your skin will be brighter, softer, and will receive an external dose of Vitamin C. This list is by no means exhaustive, as I’m sure many of you have your own natural cleansers which you would love to share. I’d be happy to hear from you. Please leave a comment sharing your special secret cleansers from nature’s bounty.


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